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The portal brings together unique objects, collections, and resources from the archives, libraries, museums, and academic institutions of Gotha. It is continuously updated and expanded, and is being developed as a digital research space for global research with these collections.

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  • Collections from the Early Modern Period

    Collections from the Early Modern Period

    The early modern collections of the Gotha Research Library have an encyclopedic scope. At the core lies an outstanding collection on the history and reception of the Reformation.

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  • The Baroque Kunstkammer at Friedenstein Castle

    The Baroque Kunstkammer at Friedenstein Castle

    The Kunstkammer, founded around 1653 by Ernest the Pious, forms the origin of the important and diverse collections at Friedenstein Castle in Gotha. The collection includes valuable gold and…

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  • Oriental Manuscripts

    Oriental Manuscripts

    The collection of oriental manuscripts was mainly established in the early 19th century. Century. Today it is the third largest collection of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  • Perthes Collection

    Perthes Collection

    The Perthes Collection is the only surviving modern map publishing archive on the European continent. It provides unique evidence for all spatially related sciences from the late 18th to the end of…

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